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3-Ply Paper Personalized Kids Birthday Guest Towel Napkins

3-Ply Paper Personalized Kids Birthday Guest Towel Napkins

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Want to pamper guests during your child's birthday party? Add disposable 3-ply paper guest hand towel napkins to the restrooms in your home or birthday venue for everyone to use when drying their hands. Personalized with your choice of a fun kids birthday design and up to 4 lines of custom print, 1/8 fold paper guest towels can be used as dinner napkins and hand towels for cleaning up messy hands and faces during your birthday barbeque, cookout, picnic or pizza party.

Made from non-recycled paper, 3-ply paper guest towel napkins are rectangular in shape and measure 8 1/4 inches long by 4 1/2 inches wide making larger napkins when unfolded for keeping hands clean and dry.

Disposable guest towels are typically used as hand towels for drying hands in the restroom or as 1/8 fold dinner napkins on the table. Two to three guest towels are recommend per guest. Your family and relatives will love the extra thought you put into your child's birthday decorations.

Product InformationSize: 8 x 4 Guest towel napkins are used for restroom hand towels and dinner napkins.

Material: Non-recycled 3-play paper.

Dimensions: 1/8 Fold guest towels measure 8 1/2" L. x 4 1/2" W.

Care: Disposable

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