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3-Ply Paper Personalized Kids Birthday Beverage Napkins

3-Ply Paper Personalized Kids Birthday Beverage Napkins

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It's a milestone celebration for your little baby, toddler or tweener and time for a party. Celebrate your child's birthday with 5 x 5 beverage napkins personalized with your choice of fun, age appropriate birthday design and up to 4 lines of custom text to celebrate their big day. Kids and parents will love this added birthday decoration detail whether celebrating your child's birthday at home or at their favorite park, skating rink, swimming pool, or other venue.

Made from quality, 3-ply non-recycled paper, folded beverage napkins measure 5 inches long by 5 inches wide and are available in many brilliant color options. Beverage napkins are the preferred size for serving drinks, appetizers and birthday cake.

Product Information

Size: 5 x 5 Cocktail napkins are used for serving drinks, appetizers, and desserts

Material: Non-recycled 3-play paper.

Dimensions: Folded cocktail napkns measure 5" L. x 5" W.

 Care: Disposable

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