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Reusable hard plastic wedding plate personalized with mr and mrs design and married couple name

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Disposable and Hard Plastic Plates Custom Printed for Your Wedding

When it comes to choosing tableware for your wedding, plastic party plates are always deemed a big no-no because they are not elegant enough to be at such a ceremony. While this idea might have been accurate in the past, it couldn’t be farther from the truth in today’s world.

Thanks to their remarkable quality, plastic plates now available on the market can easily pass as high-end chic crockery at a wedding. Additionally, the customizability of plastic tableware makes it even more desirable and befitting for someone’s big day.

Inexpensive Yet Presentable

Plastic plates have mostly been looked at as lousy tableware that one gets when they are short on money. Firstly, there is nothing wrong with trying to save your hard-earned bucks. Secondly, and more importantly, plastic party plates might have been substandard to be at a classy ceremony, but now they are as elegant as they get.

So the economical pricing plus the classiness of modern-day personalized plastic wedding plates make a deadly combination that’s hard to pass. Besides, it’s a win-win situation because you get to save money without compromising on the aesthetics.

Customizable Wedding Plates

A wedding is an incredibly special, close-to-the-heart affair for everyone (well, mostly) who decides to tie the knot. So, they try to make it as personal and intimate as possible. And what better way to do that than having personalized tableware?

Image, all the plates at your wedding carrying you and your partner’s names with maybe a meaningful phrase, such as together forever or and they lived happily ever after. It could be anything really; you can get anything printed on plastic plates to make them yours on your big day.

Before you disregard custom plastic plates, be sure to go through some samples to know what you’ll be missing out on.

Easy To Clean And Carry

Unlike china that’s hard to clean and move around, plastic party plates are lightweight and easy to clean post-wedding. You will not have to worry about the post-event mess that usually becomes of the crockery at a wedding. Plus, you will not have to worry about breakage (because if that happens, your expenses will most likely go up) during the ceremony and focus on your special day.

If you want to enjoy your wedding to the fullest without a care in the world, going for plastic wedding plates might be the best option for you.

If you have been on the anti-plastic tableware team, the following reasons to use personalized plastic plates will surely send you running to the pro-camp.

Disposable Plates for Wedding

Disposable paper and plastic plates that look good and can be thrown away are the ultimate convenience when it comes to outdoor picnic and barbeque wedding receptions. No broken china, no lost rental plates you'll have to pay for later, and best of all, no cleaning when everyone leaves. Our disposable plastic plates are strong enough to hold lots of food and desserts but inexpensive so they can be thrown away.

Compostable Plates for Wedding

Personalized paper plates will  accent your wedding colors and theme while also having a minimal impact on our environment. Our paper plates are compostable and with time, will go back to nature to nurture another cycle of life.

Ending Thoughts

Don’t fall into the trap of “the acceptable/common practice is to use china” at a wedding and let your heart decide what it wants.

Add personalized plastic party plates to your party or wedding supplies list for a fun and functional favor guests will adore at your reception dinner, birthday party, graduation, or family picnic. Personalized plates are popular for serving cake, sandwiches, appetizers, and buffet style dinners. Choose from 7 inch plates for smaller items like desserts and appetizers or round 10 inch plate dinner plates.

All wedding plates are custom printed with you choice of a design or monogram and up to 4 lines of text in the letter style and imprint color of your choice, or skip the design and print up to four lines of text for a fun, romantic, or whimsical message for the honored couple or guest. Be the first in your area to surprise guests at your wedding reception, party or picnic with personalized party plates from