Collection: Wedding Can Cooler Favors

Neoprene can cooler sleeves personalized for wedding reception favors

Personalized Wedding Can Cooler Favors

Personalized wedding can coolers are among the best ways to customize your wedding and make the event feel genuinely your own. These custom wedding koozies are our most popular wedding accessories, and that's no surprise. After all, they can be customized to your wedding theme, offer efficient use, and can even match the cake! What more can one ask for?

Highly Versatile

The best part about personalized wedding koozies is their versatility. You need to consider absolutely no right or wrong before adding them to your wedding favors bag. All of your guests will love receiving a customized reminder of your wedding and just how memorable the day was!

Affordable Yet Gorgeous

Wedding planners, brides, and grooms all love that our wedding can coolers are super affordable, even with the option to customize them! Personalized wedding can coolers are wonderfully surprising for your guests, and you don't even need to empty the wallet to get them!

Practical Favors for Guests 

There are very few things worse than having to sip on lukewarm drinks. If you've gone all out with an open bar and free-flowing beverages for all your beloved guests, it only makes sense also to ensure that they genuinely enjoy it!

Your wedding can coolers are the perfect little addition to making sure your guests have a blast! They are highly insulating material that doesn't let the chill escape from the bottles or cans. Therefore, your guests' drinks will remain at the perfect temperature while they socialize and dance the night away!

At Tippytoad, we make your custom wedding koozies perfect through expert styling and personalization. We understand the importance of achieving absolute perfection for your big day. 

Keep beer and soda ice-cold at your summer wedding reception or party with bottle and can cooler favors personalized with up to 4 lines of custom print including a design or monogram and a special message to family and friends. Choose black or natural color beer can huggers or bottle sleeves expertly detailed in your choice of imprint color to coordinate with your color scheme. 

Guests love favors like can cooler wedding favors because they can take them home as souvenirs to save, use at home, or keep handy when attending a party or social gathering. They're delightfully unexpected, unconventional, and loved by everyone.  Your friends and family will have a functional gift they can't wait to use and a custom reminder of your special day.  Set insulated can or bottle huggies at each place setting so guests can pick them up to use as soon as they arrive at your reception or party.