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Transform Your Wedding Reception With These 11 Exciting Cup Ideas

All couples strive to find a way to personalize their wedding reception. Therefore, they keep seeking ideas to make their big day a mark of their identity by incorporating creative decor elements. It is their way of telling their love story and the character of their relationship.

Personalized cups for wedding party bring new concepts that can truly elevate your celebration’s style, match your gathering theme, and be tailored to your preferences. Also, they are not here just for drinking. There are so many ways to include them at your wedding reception, from serving cocktails, candies, or appetizers to using them for a fun flip-cup game during the after-party. Additionally, they can be used as rice holders. Maybe the best thing about custom wedding cups is that all visitors can take one home as a reminder of the fun they had at your bash.

With that in mind, it's time to celebrate your big day and do it in the most unique way! With these personalized cups for wedding party made especially for your magical gathering, your event will shine with character and lavishness. Take a peek at our insights that will certainly inspire you.

  • Mixed drink (cocktail) cups

  • Start by giving a distinctive look to the cocktail hour! Welcome your participants with flavorful fusions and serve them in custom wedding cups. Match the color with your theme, or choose a clear frosted type. Give it a more natural touch by including a special imprint with your name, the wedding date, a heartfelt love quote, or a simple thank you note.

  • Beer cups

  • How cool would it be to have a special cup for all beer lovers? Choose tall stadium cups in black color and gold print to keep the party elegant. Otherwise, go with the regular clear ones by including a cool and funny wedding-related quote. They will be a hit if you include a self-serving beer station where attendees can tap their favorite lager in this unique cup. They can even take it home with them after the wedding reception and enjoy their favorite beer, reminiscing about all the entertainment and games they had at your event.

  • Cups for kids

  • Even the munchkins will have their custom wedding cups! Along with normal-size mugs, opt for small ones and choose bright colors that will lighten up your iconic day and be irresistible for the kids. Most of the plastic cups for weddings are reusable, dishwasher-safe, and BPA-free, which means your darlings can also use them at home. Additionally, you can throw on some matching snap-on lids and bendable straws to avoid spills. Their parents will much appreciate this gesture. Moreover, you can include some festive prints and make your youngest guests feel special at your marriage.

  • Keg cups

  • Renovate the regular plastic cups for weddings into your exclusive signature wedding keg. These will triumph at your celebration, especially if you add your custom imprints, designs, or quotes in special fonts. These drinkware are suitable for brews or cocktails, and you can mix and match them by choosing two different hues to harmonize with your color palette and insert lovely or funny notes. Just imagine those photos with your friends bringing all these one-of-a-kind keg cups together for the perfect union shot. 

  • Nut cups

  • Serve nutty appetizers in small-sized cups by keeping your wedding reception stylish and environmentally friendly. Opt for the low, wide-mouthed type and find some funny quotes to characterize the container, like ‘Go nuts at our union‘ or ‘This party will blow your mind.’ Furthermore, you can order jumbo cups and fill them with popcorn as a snack for your youngest company. Keep in mind that they are reusable, and your guest will love to take them to their residences and use them for a party of their own. Cool, creative, and comic!

  • Vegetable cups

  • Vegetable sticks are another great idea for implementing small, wide-mouthed containers! These will fit perfectly in your outdoor wedding reception and add so much joy and vividness to your chromatic buffet. Likewise, you can put your favorite salad dressing at the bottom of the containers and stick slices of various vegetables to create a truly tasty and healthy color. To begin with, cut the veggies into bite sizes and stick them on colorful party picks to create the most fantastic mug of appetizers that your participants will adore. They can also be used for fruit salads to suit every guest’s taste. Moreover, don’t forget to add your personal stamp by including a special imprint on the cup.

  • Iced tea cups

  • The much-loved refreshment deserves a special cup – an enormous one! Your summer wedding reception will require tall iced tea tumblers containing enough liquid to quench your guests’ thirst and beat the heat. For instance, your top choice for iced tea is a jumbo cup that will be big enough to fit the ice and perhaps some pieces of fruit to elevate the flavor and cheer up the bar. You can go with the clear one and play with color by mixing different flavors of the tea, or pick a cheery tone like bright yellow or green that goes hand in hand with a summer union. Furthermore, you can add a matching snap-on lid and bendable straw to let your invitees bring their refreshments to the dancefloor and boogie without worrying about spills.

  • Wedding toasting cups

  • Design your personal iconic event tankards to add a touch of timelessness to your wedding reception. You can pick the old but gold ‘Mr. & Mrs,’ print your last name and the wedding date, or simply go with ‘We do!’ Find a design or monogram of your choice that will follow the theme of the gathering, or put your wedding logo if you have one. Here is a heartwarming idea: print certain parts of your vows that you find dear and make them last forever. Likewise, you can use your epic union toasting cups for every anniversary to revive some of those words and give them even deeper meaning. It will be like exchanging vows every year and reviving those beautiful and lovely memories.

  • Flip cups

  • Take your wedding reception up a notch and suggest a flip-cup game! This is a great idea for the after party where you can tailor cups specially made for this thrilling activity. However, dodge the boring red and blue containers, invent your own design, and personalize it to the fullest. All participants can take their mugs to their accommodations as a wedding souvenir to revisit all the fun they had at your once-in-a-lifetime event.

  • Rice cups

  • Give out cups filled with rice to all guests before your wedding ceremony so they can celebrate the start of your new beginning as the tradition entails. Hence, throwing rice is a sign of good fortune and fertility. Get creative as much as you want by picking a color, size, and kindhearted quotes. Moreover, printing your initials and the big day date in a shade that matches your theme is a great idea. After emptying the cups, invitees can take them home as wedding memorabilia and reuse them however they like.

  • Candy cups

  • Serve your sweet treats in small, wide-mouthed candy chalices that your guests will adore. Have a candy bar filled with different sugary delights delivered in cute plastic drinkware with even cuter quotes. Some quotes can be ‘The sweetest way to end the perfect day,’ ‘The sugar on top of our marriage,’ ‘A sugar-coated memory of our wedding day,’ etc. Pick clear frosted cups and fill them with different dessert tones – chocolate or vanilla puddings, mixed fruit, cheesecake, tiramisu, or trifle. Use the larger clear mugs for cotton candy for the youngest guests – they will be thrilled. Transform the candy bar of your wedding reception into an absolute explosion of colors and irresistible tastes.

    Personalizing every corner of your wedding reception will be something you won’t regret for sure. Let your big day be a white canvas that you and your other half will paint to present your inner originality, special bond, and character as a couple. Tell your guests your love story by adding a special mark to every detail of the union. 

    Make these unique reusable plastic punches surprise your guests and show off your creativity and originality. They are so much more than just a plastic container for drinking. Use your imagination and get inspired by our techniques to find all the ways to incorporate them into your marriage. Make them the stars of the event by reusing them for sweet treats, appetizers, mini salads, or rice holders. Fill them in with rainbow popcorn to put a smile on the youngest guests, or pour some ombre cocktails to amaze the adults. When it comes to these wedding cups, the sky is your limit.

    Visit our online store to find personalized cups of all colors, sizes, and purposes that will elevate your party. Order yours now and give your party a dash of uniqueness, leaving your guests in awe.

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