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Discover the Must-Have Wedding Souvenir of the Year

There are two things wedding reception always has, it seems: people and drinks. You don’t always have decorations or gifts or even food, but there is always something to drink and always someone there to drink it.

At weddings, it is customary to give your guests favors. If this is something you plan on doing, then you know for certain you will need people, drinks, and gifts for those people. Favors are the trickiest factor in that equation and can be a difficult choice for a bride and groom. Food is common because it is easy and it is cheap. But do you know if any of your guests have allergies? Are they vegan? What about their plus 1? And what happens to the personalized wrappers after the food is eaten? They get thrown away and the favor you put so much time and energy into is soon forgotten.

Longer-lasting favors are difficult, too, though. It’s hard to find something that everyone will like. Plants and seeds are popular favors, but not everyone likes gardening, and some of the people who do (like me) can’t keep a plant alive no matter what. Matches are a classic favor too, but just like the food, eventually they’ll be used up and the container will be thrown away. Not to mention favors like these can be expensive. Beyond these, the long-term favors get expensive. If there’s room in your budget, you can definitely figure out a very thoughtful, useful, and memorable favor.

For those who have a smaller budget or just want to be frugal and/or practical, there are other options! My family started using these personalized cups at all of our events a few years ago — birthdays, anniversary parties, graduation parties, and so on. We get compliments on them every time. With all the different styles and options to personalize text, font, and images/designs, your cups will be unique and useful — a beautiful combination. Not to mention there is a whole range of styles to choose from, so whether your wedding reception involves a bonfire in your backyard or an upscale soiree at The Biltmore Estate, you’ll find a cup to match.

You can design your cups basically however you want them. If you order in smaller quantities, you can get multile designs so your guests can pick their favorite. These frosted plastic cups are especially cute for summer weddings.

These small, clear cups are perfect for a signature food item — such as an hors d’oeuvre or a dessert! They come in different sizes, so you can even pick your serving size. Plus, they double as a carrying container, so if you put a dessert in them, your guests can take a second cup home (if there’s any left over!)

If you think a cup doesn’t feel like enough of a favor, you can add goodie bags of candies or chocolates inside them, or baggies of plant seeds, or another small favor you’d had on your mind. You could make a miniature gift basket in them. For the adults, a small liquor bottle and a piece of chocolate. For the kids, a bottle of bubbles and a glow stick.

Source: 9 Oz. Personalized Frosted Wedding Tumbler Cups

Whether you just can’t decide on a souvenir for your guests, are sticking to a strict budget, or love to be frugal, these cups are the perfect addition to your wedding. Give your guests a gift they can use to celebrate your wedding for years to come. You, too, can save any leftover cups for a toast on your anniversary.

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