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4 Graduation Party Games You Should Play In 2023

Graduation is here, and we couldn't be more proud of all that you've achieved! Life as a new grad is full of excitement and new opportunities. You are ready to embark on your journey to reach new levels of success and create an identity for yourself in the world. 

With the best four years of your life coming to an end, it is only right that you bid them farewell with a band! There really is no better way to celebrate being a fresh grad than by throwing a massive graduation party before your squad heads off in their separate ways. It'll probably be a while till you all can get together and party again, so you need to make it a truly unforgettable night!

If you're wondering what to do for your graduation party, you're at the perfect place!  At Tipptoad, we offer nearly everything you need to make your party a success! Start by creating an amazing playlist to jam to, pick out food and drinks that your friends love, and don't forget to arrange some graduation party games for some competitive fun! End the night by sending your friends home with personalized graduation gifts and they will surely recall your party fondly for years to come.

Here are some great ideas for graduation party games.


Taboo is a must-have board game for graduation parties. The main purpose of the game is to help your teammates guess the word on the card you pick up without using any of the forbidden words mentioned. You will have to describe the word with a limited vocabulary and use all sorts of actions and expressions to get them to the right answer. But remember, you need to be quick since there is only limited time allowed for each turn!

Steal the Grad Cap


This is a super fun twist on the traditional steal the bacon game. You will need to line up two teams on opposite sides of your backyard and place a grad cap in the middle of the yard. One player from each team will run to run, grab the cap and run back to their team. The player who doesn't get the cap can try to tag the player with the cap.Whoever makes it back to the team area with the cap wins the round. Play multiple rounds of stealing the grad cap to see which team wins, and award them a super fun graduation party favor to celebrate their win.



Want to turn your graduation party into a truly comedic night? Superlatives are a year-book-inspired game with which you will have your party guests laughing and chuckling all evening!

All you need to do is blow up photos of your friends and attach them to a wall or post them on a bulletin board. Throughout the evening, people will take turns posting little notes with the funniest, more creative superlatives they can come up with for each person. Nearing the end of your party, you can read all the superlatives aloud and even hold a vote for the best one to be crowned the winner!

Who is Most Likely to

This is one of our favorite games at any party! Who is most likely to have your guests thinking and laughing together, making it the perfect way to break the ice and get everyone to socialize. Gather everyone in the center of the room and ask questions about who is the most likely to do a certain thing. It can include anything from 'who is most likely to travel around the world to 'who is most likely to make a lot of money and lose it in a poker game' - the opportunities are endless!

Just remember to get creative with the questions instead of sticking to the boring, mundane ones. Your guests are all friends with who you have spent quite a few years, so we're sure you know them well enough to come up with some super fun questions!

In the end, we believe winners of these games deserve some extra appreciation! Why not offer them some gift cards placed in gift card holders for a fancy little present to celebrate their victory? Check out Tippy Toad today for a bigger (and better) collection of graduation party favors and decorations!

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