5 Out of the Box Ideas for Family Reunion Decorations

5 Out of the Box Ideas for Family Reunion Decorations

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Family reunions are always heartwarming events. If you have siblings who have moved away to other places or you have moved away yourself, you would know how exciting family reunions can be. You get to catch up with everyone, spend time reminiscing, and simply enjoy everyone’s company. 

But you know what can make these reunions even more special? 

Five completely out-of-the-box family reunion decoration ideas. Here are a few options. 

  1. Customized Photo Standee

As much as we want everyone to be there at the family reunion, unfortunately, there are always some relatives who can’t make it. There’s no way to fill that absence, but you can try by getting a customized photo standee made of them to take pictures with and remember them during the reunion. 

These pictures can not only fulfil sentimental purposes but also make for a funny and unique décor for the event. And when you send those pictures to those who weren’t there, they are bound to have a laugh and perhaps a cry too.

standee picture of family members on table at family reunion picnic

  1. Picture Wall

When you’ve spent as much time as you have growing up with family, there are endless memories and stories to share. Some of these memories only live in your heads, but some of them might be in the form of old home videos and endless pictures. 

Well, a family reunion is the perfect opportunity to revisit these pictures and refresh your memories. And one genius way of doing this is by creating a picture wall. You can dedicate one wall entirely to these pictures and let them fill up the whole wall. 

This is also a very easy decoration idea that will cost you nothing but offer a rewarding outcome. You can bet the picture wall will have a constant crowd around it during the entire reunion. 

  1. Family Tree

A family tree is a great out-of-the-box idea to decorate your reunion party with. You might have seen some version of this at wedding events where guests sign a wedding guest book. You can do something similar for your family reunion as well! 

Make a giant tree with lots of branches but don’t add any leaves. As your relatives start attending the event, ask them to place a thumbprint in place of the leaves with a small signature. As more family members come, the tree will start to fill in with more leaves, and by the end, you will have a beautiful family tree with the thumbprints of all your family members. 

Moreover, this can serve as a decoration piece for future family reunions or as a great memory too.

green paper guest towel napkins custom printed with family tree design
  1. Special Flower Arrangements

Flowers can add a bit of elegance and flair to any event. However, very few people actually think about which flowers to use in their event for maximum impact. As you might know, flowers tend to hold different meanings, so you can actually use them to show your feelings for your family during the reunion. 

Flowers like chrysanthemums and hydrangeas are known for representing feelings of love towards your partner, children, and even family. These flowers can symbolize your loyalty and commitment to your loved ones. 

With a bunch of these flowers all over the reunion, you can add a special and meaningful touch to the event. Moreover, these flowers make great summer party decorations as well.

  1. A Themed Reunion

Who said themes are only for birthday parties or graduation parties? You can have a theme for your family reunion as well. If there is something in particular that has everyone’s interest in the family, such as a sports team or a long-running inside joke, it can serve as a theme for the reunion. 

Similarly, if your family is into a specific profession, such as if the majority are doctors, you can have a doctor-themed reunion. To make it even more unique and out of the box, you can even consider digging into your family history and basing the theme on your ancestry. 

It will not only give your reunion a special look and décor, but it will also give everyone lots to talk about. You can choose to place cups, napkins, and other cutlery in a specific color. You can make customized family reunion favors as well with tote bags and custom printed water bottles too. 

Final Thoughts

When it comes to family, there’s not much else that really matters. You could be in the worst of places and still have a good time as long as you are all together. But in the spirit of festivity and celebrations, these unique decorations can certainly kick things up a notch!

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