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Personalized Graduation Party Supplies & Trends 2024

It’s that time of year again when we are all starting to think about graduation party ideas. While the logistics of throwing a big celebration can be a little overwhelming, finding the right graduation party supplies is half the battle. From personalized graduation balloons to the latest graduation trends, this moment is all about your hard work finally paying off. So, as the saying goes, go big or go home!

When To Start Planning A Graduation Party?

Whether they’re graduating from high school or finally finishing college, a personalized graduation party will demonstrate the pride you feel for your son or daughter. But when should the planning and party preparations kick-off?

Typically, high school graduation will take place from the first week of May to early June. For college students, it can vary depending on their university. However, most will hold a Commencement Ceremony in May. This means parents will begin planning the celebration in April so that they can set a date, send out invitations, take time off work, and order all the personalized graduation supplies they need to make this special occasion extra special. ¹

If you’re reading this in late April or early May, you’ll have to get super organized, especially if you want to order personalized graduation balloons, cups, napkins, etc, as most supplies will require additional time to have the party supplies custom-made. For instance, our team needs around 10 days, once an order has been placed, for personalized graduation supplies to be made and delivered.


2024 Graduation Trends

Before we get into all things decor, let’s make sure you’ve got your graduation party ideas sorted so we can match the theme.

Last year’s 2023 graduation season saw many personalized backdrops for social media snaps, confetti balloons, yard signs, and very ‘tik-tok worthy’ party ideas. ² We also noticed a lot of black and gold themes along with silent discos.³ But now in 2024, graduation trends are more vibrant than ever, like themes such as Barbie, fiesta parties, and discos all making a comeback. ⁴

However, one thing that continues to trend year after year for graduation celebrations is personalized favors. These are so important at a graduation party; favors such as personalized can coolers, playing cards, and reusable personalized graduation cups elevate your party and provide keepsake gifts for your guests to take home.

2024 Graduation Party Ideas

We all want our 2024 graduation party to be memorable and, most importantly, fun for the graduates attending. Especially after the last few years, they really deserve it!

Whether you're planning to rent a space out for your party or throw a big bash outdoors, the below 2024 graduation party ideas will surely make it a day to remember.

Hollywood Glam Graduation Party

Think black and gold decor and a personalized graduation balloon arch or bouquet that speaks glamor and glitz. A Hollywood sign for trendy photo opportunities is a must here, and guests should wear formal attire.

You could play Oscar-worthy graduation films for entertainment and hand out awards for superlatives.

A Playful Masked Ball

Here’s where we can take our graduation party supplies to the next level. Black and red balloons would make a masked ball look very impressive, as would glitzy engraved napkins for the masquerade dinner.

A formal dress code is a must, with murder mystery games, lie detectors, and, of course, masks to impress! A social media-worthy ball to remember and one we are sure the grads will talk about for a long time to come. ⁶

Garden Brunch Graduation

A garden party brunch is an excellent graduation party idea.  Personalized graduation plates and napkins can be bought online and would give a relaxed vibe when serving finger food and cupcakes.

You could also decorate a garden area with neutral white graduation balloons to offset the greenery and a deck of graduation playing cards for after-brunch games.

Customized party can coolers are also key for a garden party, to keep beverages cool if the sun comes out, but also as a keep-sake to remember the day.

Again, a formal dress code would help give a garden brunch graduation a more historic theme. Think of Bridgerton and an English Tea Party!⁷ 

Era’s Party

Who said Taylor Swift's world tour has to end? An excellent 2024 party idea, imagine napkins and cups with ‘end of my graduation era’ printed or personalized graduation balloons. This is set to be a massive graduation party trend this year - trust us!


Have A Silent Disco Graduation Celebration

While silent discos were hugely popular last year, they still remain a firm favorite for graduation parties. Plus, they won’t disturb the neighbors, so it’s a win-win! Purchase multi-colored balloons to add a pop of color to your celebration and personalized graduation napkins for an after-dance buffet run between tracks.

Barbie Themed Graduation Party

The Barbie movie isn’t just for children; its movie release last year was a massive hit with all generations, so why not have a Barbie-themed graduation party? Set up a Barbie photo booth, decorate with pink graduation balloons, and use customized pink cups to add the pop of Barbie pink your graduation party needs to make it memorable!

Gradchella Graduation Party Idea

Gradchella, bring the famous fun-fueled Coachella to your backyard and throw a graduation-themed festival this year! Balloon walls create photo opportunities for your guests, and everyone should be given a wristband on arrival to keep the festival theme alive! Use personalized graduation cups to serve ice-cold drinks and custom graduation napkins with festival-themed sayings on them to really bring the Coachella theme to life.

Tips For Choosing Graduation Party Supplies

Planning your graduation party ideas and all the graduation party supplies you need is no easy task.

Below are the best tips for choosing your decor and planning your party.

  • Make a Pinterest board - Making a Pinterest board with all of your graduation party ideas is a great way to visualize how your party is going to look all in one place. You can save DIY graduation decor and any other ideas to narrow down your choices. 
  • Decide on a budget - It can be super easy to overspend on your grad party if you're not careful. Consider the venue, food, decor, entertainment, and drinks. You don’t need to spend a fortune on your party. 
  • Personalize everything! - The best graduation decorations are when they are personalized. These little touches make the whole party come together and create excellent photo opportunities. At TippyToad we have personalized graduation cups, coolers, napkins, and even cards to choose from and customize for your party. 
  • Set a date - Of course, set a date and time so you can send the invitations out in advance. Choose the location, a backyard could work well or you could join with another graduate and hire out a local venue to save costs by having a party together! 
  • Plan early - We can’t stress this enough: plan enough time to order all of your best graduation decorations before the party date to avoid delays. Make sure the invitations are sent out 2-3 months in advance. ¹⁰ 
  • Don’t forget entertainment - Of course, the most crucial part of any party is the entertainment! This could be card games, dance-offs, yard games, and giant Jenga. ¹¹ 
  • Make sure you have help - On the day, we want everything to be running smoothly, so consider the help you will have on hand. You will need people to refill the food, help you set up, and tidy away! ¹² 

Best Graduation Decorations 2024

Throwing a memorable grad party is every parent’s dream, we want our grads to have an amazing time despite the bittersweet goodbyes and new beginnings.

Even on a budget, the best graduation decorations can make such a difference to how memorable your celebration is, especially with personalized favors and gifts. Must-have decorations are, of course, personalized graduation cups, personalized graduation balloon decor, and little things like graduation plates and napkins.

At Tippy Toad, we have lots of these must-have graduation decorations for your 2024 graduation party, which you can check out below.

Personalized Graduation Balloons

Personalized graduation balloon decor is, without a doubt, one of the best graduation party supplies to stock up on. Whether you choose to make a balloon banquet or make a balloon arch with your different school colors, Tippy Toad has all the options.

You can choose from our round 18-inch Mylar graduation balloons that come in 27 colors and 77 different print colors and star-shaped Mylar balloons. All are easy sealing and helium type and fit around three lines of personalized text.

To style a personalized graduation balloon, you could put it in the middle of the table as a centerpiece, attach photos to the ends for a superlative yearbook-type decoration, or use the balloons as a trendy social media backdrop.

Personalized Graduation Cups

Next up with must-have personalized graduation cups, these cups tie in all of your grad-themed party decor.

The best type of graduation cups you can use are reusable ones, not only are these better for the environment but they can also act as party favors when personalized.

We have so many graduation cups to choose from that you can personalize, such as our frosted cups, stadium cups, and jumbo cups. We also have snap-on lids for our stadium cups to avoid making a mess!

You could fill your graduation cups with little bags of popcorn or motivational messages. Each cup can fit three lines of personalized text!

Apart from your usual cups, why not upgrade your graduation party supplies with our personalized can cooler sleeves?

We have an arctic foam type cooler, slim cooler, collapsible neoprene cooler, and beer cooler.

Custom Graduation Napkins

Little personalized touches make the best graduation decorations and are, of course, what makes a grad party Instagrammable.

You can’t throw a grad party without personalized graduation napkins, especially if you are throwing a dinner party, the table decor must match the theme.

We have 3-ply graduation beverage napkins, disposable napkins, luncheon napkins (which are excellent for finger food), and guest towel napkins, perfect for hand towels or dinner.

Some of our custom graduation napkins come in square or triangle shapes and fit three lines of personalized text.

These napkins make a great graduation dinner table set-up and are also convenient for serving cake and appetizers.


Tippy Toad - Best Graduation Party Supplies

At Tippy Toad, we create personalized graduation party supplies to suit any type of graduation party idea.

From personalized graduation plates and napkins, cups, balloons, playing cards, and drink coolers.

All you have to do is choose your type of decor, color, print color, and design plus text; if your school colors are not available, then we have lots of neutrals to pick from.

Once you place your order, we will get straight to customizing your decor and favors which may take around 10 days, and then deliver your goods! 

Order soon to avoid disappointment since delivery times can become longer as the demand goes up the closer we get to graduation season. 

We have easy returns, a warranty, and a massive selection of decorations on offer to make your 2024 graduation party come alive!


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