Personalized Items for A Back-to-School Birthday Party

by Raymond Miller on July 26, 2022

Back to school means a lot of things: shopping, new notebooks and pens, a quiet house, and so much more. It also means at-school birthday treats, for those kids lucky enough to have a fall, winter, or spring birthday. celebrating a birthday by taking in treats is fun for everyone involved. But, whether you’re taking cookies, cupcakes, or an entire cake, you can’t forget the plates and napkins! (The teachers and janitors will be thankful, too!)

Personalized napkins for birthday
Plastic plates personalized birthday

Adding personalized plates, napkins, or cups to your kid’s birthday party is a great way to make them feel special. Sometimes bringing in treats for the other students can make the birthday child feel like it’s about their friends, but items personalized with their name or even picture reminds everyone it’s their big day. Younger kids especially will giggle about wiping cake off their mouths with their friend’s face (on a napkin, of course!).

Photo napkins personalized

Birthday messages

Keep things simple:

  • Happy birthday [name]!
  • [Name’s] [#] birthday
  • School emblem
  • Picture of the birthday kid
Personalized superhero plastic cups
Personalized birthday goody bags

To go along with a theme:

  • [Name’s] rockin’ birthday party (music or even geology!)
  • [Name’s] paw-some party (animals)
  • Have a Dino-Mite birthday (dinosaur)
  • Power up and Party! (Power Rangers)
  • Super Boy/Girl! (super heroes)
  • Pretty as a Princess (princess)
  • Have a Ball (sports or princess)
  • You’re an All Star (sports)
  • Cruising into age [#] (cars)
  • Caution: Party Ahead (construction)
Dinosaur themed personalized plastic cups
Princess themed personalized birthday plastic cups

Personalized cups also make excellent mementos. Your child’s classmates can each keep their cup and you’ll likely have extras to take home for yourself, too. If you are sending treats into school but also hosting an at-home party, consider getting the napkins for the school and the plates and cups for the home party.


These straws with flags are perfect for helping everyone remember which cup is theirs — but they’re also perfect for labeling food. This is especially important if any kids have food allergies.

wp-image-102 jetpack-lazy-image jetpack-lazy-image--handled

If you’re on a budget, consider getting personalized chocolates or candies!

Whichever you decide on and however you decide to personalize it, your child and their friends are sure to love it!


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