4 Personalized Party Favors You Need This Halloween

by Raymond Miller on July 26, 2022

Halloween is the one time of the year that we get to make our wildest dreams come true! It is the perfect night to dress up like whoever (or whatever) you’ve always wanted to be – whether it is a mad scientist or even a Marvel character!

As we get older, the joy and charm of Halloween slowly wear off as you outgrow trick-or-treating and instead become the adult who distributes candy to the neighborhood kids. However, that doesn’t mean this night can’t be fun for you too! Why not throw a costume party for all of your friends? Trust us; it’s not as scary as it sounds! And, we’re right here to help you through it all.

Whether you need party decoration ideas or you’re trying to find the perfect tableware to host the party, Tippy Toad has it all! We also have some great ideas for scare-worthy personalized Halloween party favors to make the night truly memorable for all of your guests. Let’s get spookin’!

1. Personalized Halloween Garden Flags

The most essential part of any party is the decoration, or is it the food?

Either way, your Halloween decorations will set the mood for the whole party, so they need to be absolutely terrifying! What better way to start the decorations than by setting up garden flags that lead up to your home. These will give your guests a perfect welcome to your party, and the whole neighborhood will know you’re in for a load of spooky fun!


Tippy Toad has a ton of Halloween garden flags that you can choose from. Whether you prefer jack-o-lanterns decorating your curbside or you’re more of a black cat kinda person, we have it all! Additionally, you can get your garden flags perfectly customized with us to welcome your guests inside! Check out our assortment of personalized Halloween garden flags

2. Personalized Spooky Mini Mason Jars

Next, we have some personalized Halloween party favors. No party can ever be complete without some keepsakes to serve as memorabilia of the great night you and your guests spent together. For Halloween, you need something spooky to distribute as the party favors. What better way than to give out some personalized Halloween mini mason jars? Not only are mason jars a huge hit no matter how old or young your guests are, but they even prove to be extremely useful. You will definitely find your guests using them on a daily basis.


P.S. Remember to get your mini mason jars customized by Tippy Toads to add your own scary little message to them!

3. Personalized Halloween Candy

Halloween can never be complete without candy. Since candy makes up a huge Halloween tradition, you would definitely want to add it to your party favors! But, how do to make your Halloween candy stand out from the normal candy we have daily? Through Tippy Toad’s wonderful assortment of personalized Halloween candy, of course!


Here are the different kinds of candy we offer, all wrapped in personalized Halloween coverings to make your party extra special:

  • Hershey’s Assorted Miniatures
  • Hershey’s Kisses
  • Hershey’s Reese’s Candy

These will be absolutely perfect in your Halloween Treat Bags regardless of whether your party includes kids or is exclusively for adults.

4. Halloween Zip Up Bottle Huggers

If it’s a party, you and your friends will be having some beers as you get together to spend a fun night. But, among all the socializing and catching up, your drinks are bound to get warm and lose their taste. Want to make sure people get to enjoy their drinks at your party? Throw in these Zip Up Bottle Huggers into your Halloween party favors bag!


These bottle huggers are fit for 12 oz. beer bottles and made of a soft neoprene material that sits your drinks like a snug wet suit. The best thing is that you can get your bottle huggers customized from Tippy Toad to add a super spooky touch! Since beer bottles don’t really have the most charming covers, you can easily hide the tacky colors and font with your gorgeously designed bottle hugger that blends right in with your party decor!

Do it With Tippy Toad

Tippy Toad is dedicated to offering America personalized party favors and decorations at no extra cost! Be it a treats bag or your favorite candy; we’ll personalize it all exactly how you want it so your party can be one that’s remembered for many Halloweens to come!


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